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Elephants Print (Purple)

Elephants Print (Purple)

PriceFrom £25.00

This is a beautiful representation of the original acrylic painting of 2 elephants. 


Set against a vibrant purple background symbolizing the ongoing fight against animal cruelty, this artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect these magnificent creatures.


The majestic elephant, depicted with her precious calf, embodies the beauty and strength of motherhood in the animal kingdom.


Yet, these gentle giants face the harsh reality of endangerment due to poaching and habitat loss.


By bringing this print into your home, you not only adorn your space with captivating art but also become a champion for elephant conservation.


Every glance at this artwork serves as a call to action, inspiring us to safeguard the future of these endangered animals and their habitats.


Join the cause and make a statement with our Elephant and Baby Print today.


Prints are on high quality ultra pearlescent art paper, A5, A4 and A3 sizes

  • Return Policy

    If there are any problems with your order, please let me know as soon as possible and I will endeavour to replace it.

    Refunds will only be given within 7 days of receiving the art work if necessary, providing the art work is returned safely in it's original state and  packaging. Postage costs to be covered by customer.

    I do not offer refunds on original art work.

  • Postage

    Postage is FREE.

    I post orders every Tuesday and Friday, but please expect to receive it within 14 days of your order. 

    If you are within the local Chippenham area, I may be able to hand deliver to you (no contact delivery).

    You are welcome to collect from me directly. I will contact you with my details if you select this option at checkout.

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