Hi, I'm Lucia...

...I'm the artist behind these paintings. I'm based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, but my paintings have gone all over the world.

I paint brightly coloured, vibrant animal studies.


People tell me these paintings make them feel happy, and make them smile. But some trigger other emotions in the viewer, especially when there is a connection to that animal.

I invite you to come on the tour with me and look inside my shop.... here... and see if any of these animals speak to you.

The Art Bio:

I paint animals.

I enjoy finding the beauty in animal studies and portraits.

I enjoy hearing stories about relationships with, and symbolism of, different animals. When one of my painted animals 'speak' to the viewer, and that connection is made, it gives the painting so much more depth and reason.


I am developing my understanding of the environment and human emotion through these connections people have with different animals. This is helping me to understand myself better, as well as add a new depth to my latest work.

Lucia with Fox & Moth.jpeg


Although I have a BA Hons in Fine Art, I am a self taught painter. 

I started my professional art journey as a photographer, specialising in family, and then equine photography.

I began making a profession of my painting when I started to charge for pet portraits and discovered people loved my animal art work.

I now spend most of my working days in an 'open studio' - a social hub in my local town centre of Chippenham, where people can watch me paint.

I run regular Art Fairs in Chippenham, hosting a wide range of talented artists from the surrounding areas.