So you clicked on the "ABOUT" page. This must mean you'd like to know some things about me - so here goes (I'll be amazed if you read all of this)

My name is Lucia - I wonder if you've guessed this already from the name of my business.

I am a  Chippenham, Wiltshire, based artist, who specialises in painting animals and people.

This is me with my greyhound, Peacock.

I'd also like to include a selfie of me with my cat, Digger, but she says she doesn't DO selfies...

.... and she is in charge, after all.

And I like painting...

... is that obvious?

I will and CAN paint any animal.

If you don't believe me....

.... challenge me to paint any animal for you...

.... and then you can buy the painting

I guess it's also important to say that I am a mum of 3 rather crazy beautiful children and I have a handsome husband.


Needless to say, with such a great family, and my dream job, I am rather happy with my lot.

The Art Bio:

I paint animals.

I enjoy finding the beauty in animal studies and portraits.

But lately, my painting has taken me somewhere else. I like to paint animals in situations where, we as humans can connect to a feeling.

I am exploring how we present ourselves to others, and the different relationships we have in our lives.


I am developing my understanding of human emotion. This is helping me to understand myself better as well as add a new depth to my latest work.

Well done if you've made it this far down the page!

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I also post about myself and what I'm up to, so you will feel like you know me a lot better.

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