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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

PriceFrom £235.00

Prices are for unframed paintings, sent in re-used/recycled boxes (to be kind to the environment)



A pet portrait is a completely unique and individual piece of art work. A large centrepiece painting can transform your room as a wonderful and dynamic pice of art, and a small one can be an intimate tresured memory of your furry friend. Either way, a hand painted portrait is something you will treasure for many many years.


You will need to email me some good, clear digital photos of your pet. When you order your portrait through this website, I will email you with the information you will need.


You can have your painting as a head and shoulder pose, or as something more dynamic, like a running or jumping or playing pose. It may sound like a lot to think about, but if you scroll through your favourite photos of your pet, you'll find some photos that shout out who they are, and I bet you'll find something.


If you're worried about 'things' in your photo that you'd rather not have included in your painting - harnesses, human arms cuddling, sand smothered all over the nose - then just tell me. I won't paint it in.


Also, If you have a specific idea for a background of your portrait, then tell me. 



The sizes here are standard popular sizes. If you'd like a different size, this should not be a problem. Simply email me instead of ordering through here, and I will give you a quote.


A4 size is not availiable for more than 2 pets in a painting, as this would make the animals far to small.



You can have your portrait as a watercolour or an acrylic painting. A watercolour is painted on good quality watercolour paper, and will need framing.


An acrylic portrait is painted onto a canvas, which can be hung straight on a nail on your wall, although it can be hung in a 'floater frame' if you prefer. 


Watercolour is not availaible bigger than A2 size.


Price does NOT include framing, although I can provide framing. 


Multiple Pets in one Painting

I can work from a few photos if you'd like more than one pet in your painting. Please make sure these photos are taken from the same angle e.g. both from eye level.




Turn around time is usually 2-3 weeks, but I can meet a deadline if you need me to. If you need framing, this can take longer.


I will email you a photo of your portrait when it is near completion, for to you make suggestions if I haven't got it quite right.