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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

PriceFrom £235.00

Prices are for unframed paintings, sent in re-used/recycled boxes (to be kind to the environment)



A pet portrait is a completely unique and individual piece of art work. A large centrepiece painting can transform your room as a wonderful and dynamic pice of art, and a small one can be an intimate tresured memory of your furry friend. Either way, a hand painted portrait is something you will treasure for many many years.


You will need to email me some good, clear digital photos of your pet. When you order your portrait through this website, I will email you with the information you will need.


You can have your painting as a head and shoulder pose, or as something more dynamic, like a running or jumping or playing pose. It may sound like a lot to think about, but if you scroll through your favourite photos of your pet, you'll find some photos that shout out who they are, and I bet you'll find something.


If you're worried about 'things' in your photo that you'd rather not have included in your painting - harnesses, human arms cuddling, sand smothered all over the nose - then just tell me. I won't paint it in.


Also, If you have a specific idea for a background of your portrait, then tell me. 



The sizes here are standard popular sizes. If you'd like a different size, this should not be a problem. Simply email me instead of ordering through here, and I will give you a quote.


A4 size is not availiable for more than 2 pets in a painting, as this would make the animals far to small.



You can have your portrait as a watercolour or an acrylic painting. A watercolour is painted on good quality watercolour paper, and will need framing.


An acrylic portrait is painted onto a canvas, which can be hung straight on a nail on your wall, although it can be hung in a 'floater frame' if you prefer. 


Watercolour is not availaible bigger than A2 size.


Price does NOT include framing, although I can provide framing. 


Multiple Pets in one Painting

I can work from a few photos if you'd like more than one pet in your painting. Please make sure these photos are taken from the same angle e.g. both from eye level.




Turn around time is usually 2-3 weeks, but I can meet a deadline if you need me to. If you need framing, this can take longer.


I will email you a photo of your portrait when it is near completion, for to you make suggestions if I haven't got it quite right. 



  • Return Policy

    Terms and Conditions for a Commission



    The following terms and conditions apply to the commissions service provided by Lucia Lovatt, also known as "Paintings by Lucia" to you, the Client.


    It is not necessary for the Client to have signed any document for these terms and conditions to apply.


    Once the Client has paid the deposit, it is implied, they have read and accepted these terms and conditions in full.


    The Agreement

    The Client and Lucia Lovatt will have had a conversation out lining the commission that is requested, an agreed price and a rough timescale.


    In some cases, a mock up of the painting will have to be done in photoshop. This is to ensure the customer is happy with relative sizes and arrangement of the subjects in the painting.


    When the Client confirms they are happy with this mock up, painting can begin.




    A 50% deposit is required from the Client to confirm a commission slot and allow painting to start. This deposit is non refundable.


    The remaining balance is to be paid on completion of the painting, before the painting is given to the Client.


    Payment can be made by BACS, PayPal or credit/debit card.



    Photo Provision

    The Client will be required to provide suitable photographs for portrait commission work to be produced. The Client must have permission to use such photographs & it is their responsibility to not breach any copyright laws.


    Artwork progress

    Unless the Client has requested otherwise, Lucia Lovatt will send only one photograph of the work, before the last details are added. The Client will have the opportunity to suggest any necessary alterations.


    Lucia Lovatt reserves the right to share “painting in progress” photos to social media unless the Client expresses this not to be done. eg a surprise present.


    The finished artwork

    When the painting is finished, a photograph will be sent to the Client for approval.


    The remaining money will need to be paid on completion of the painting, before it is given / sent to the Client. 

    Once the Client has paid the remaining money it is implied they are satisfied with the finished artwork.



    Unless agreed otherwise, the painting will be sent by Royal Mail on a regular second class delivery.


    In some cases where the Client lives within a reasonable distance of Lucia Lovatt, the painting can be collected, or hand delivered.



    Lucia Lovatt retains the copyright to the artwork created from the Client's photo. Images of the art work can be used on websites, social media and as correspondence to potential new clients, as an example of the work she can produce.


    Lucia Lovatt will not reproduce or sell copies of the artwork.


    If a Client is unhappy about the artwork being displayed, they must declare this upon placing the commission.


    The Client retains ownership of the artwork but must attribute Lucia Lovatt's name when sharing the artwork on social media. If the client wishes to make any reproductions of the artwork then this must be arranged through Lucia Lovatt only.




    For termination of the commission

    If the Client chooses to terminate the services of Lucia Lovatt, after agreeing a commission arrangement, but before the commissioned project is complete, Lucia Lovatt reserves the right to retain any non-refundable deposits paid.


    If the Client cancels the commission agreement after the Artwork has been completed, Lucia Lovatt reserves the right to charge the full agreed amount of the commission.


    If communication breaks down on the part of the Client for a period of 30 days (that is, the Client fails to reply to a communication from Lucia Lovatt ) Lucia Lovatt will issue a warn.


    If this warning is not replied to (and communication does not resume) with a following period of 30 days, Lucia Lovatt reserves the right to to terminate the commission.


    In this event, all deposits paid will be retained by Lucia Lovatt and the commission will be cancelled.


    If the Client wishes to continue the commission at a later date they will be required to request a commission and quote, and pay a further non-refundable deposit.


    Once the client has received their finished commission, I will not offer any refunds or exchanges. 

  • Photo Reference Specifications

    I need a good quality photograph to use as a reference for each person or pet in the portrait.

    Please send to me to me via email or messenger. I will contact you once I have recievced your order to remind you to send these to me.

    I can also work from printed photos; either a good digital copy of one, or I can give you an address to send them to. 

    If you are unsure whether a photograph is good enough, send it to me anyway and I will let you know if I can work with it. For multiple people or pets, I can work from different photos. It is best to have these photos taken from the same angle though, for example, all at eye level.


  • Time Scale

    A usual turn around for a painting can be 2 - 3 weeks, or longer if you require me to frame it for you.

    If you need your painting for a specific date, I may be able to do it in time, so please tell me.

    If our comminications during the process of my painting are prompt, it will enable me start on the next stage of the painting quicker.

  • Postage

    Once the painting is complete and you are happy with it, I will post promptly to you using royal mail second class. If you are within the local Chippenham area, you may collect from me, or I may be able to hand deliver it to you.

    I re-use and recycle where necessary to be kind to the environment and keep costs lower for both of us. Your parcel may come in a re-used box, but wrapped safely to protect it.


    If you require a gift presentation box, this will incur additional costs, but I'm happy to quote you.

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