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Prices Explained


How much does it cost to get a custom painting or pet potrait?

Short answer is, it depends. 

But I know you want a longer answer before you get in touch with me. So, here is a guide - but please email me for a more tailored quote. 


The smallest size you can get from me is an A5 watercolour painting, unframed, for £125. The most popular sizes people ask for are A3 and 18x24inch. These range from £310 - £450 unframed for one pet. 

What makes a painting more expensive?

  • The bigger the painting, the more expensive it will be.

  • The more pets or animals you have in the paintings, again, it will be more money. But I only charge an £25 per extra pet, despite having my work doubled each time. For non pet animals, I may or may not charge additional animals, but will depend entirely on the subject.

  • Framing will also cost extra. Watercolour paintings will NEED to be framed. This will protect the painting, as well as displaying it. Acrylic paintings are on canvas, which do NOT NEED to be framed, but can look more 'finished' if you'd like to do so. This is personal choice. I can add hanging bits the canvas free of charge if you decided not to frame it.

  • It is of course cheaper for you to frame your painting yourself. But, if you'd like to receive the painting ready to hang straight on your wall, I can certainly do this for you.  


Can I get a painting done cheaper else where?

Yes, you can. There is no standard price artists charge for their paintings, and you will find some artists charge from £20 for a portrait, to £2000+ for one. Prices usually reflect how much in demand the artist is, how long they have been offering their services for, and whether they do it as a hobby or a profession.

A quick Google, or Etsy search will bring up a range of different pet portrait artists and prices for you to choose from. I'd love to be able to point you to some other artists for comparison, but the choice is so immense, it will be quicker for you to search yourself. 

This painting business is my main job, and the money I make goes towards my supporting my family and paying my bills. I feel my prices accurately reflect the value I give, the amount of work I put in, and the experience I have. 

If you have any other questions about prices, please ask me

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