I create and Sell my original art

I am selling my collection of acrylic animals,

and watercolour animals.

You can also buy prints of these paintings.

Some of these prints are LIMITED EDITION

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Happy customers

What does your living room say about you?

What do people say when they come round?

Or when you have a zoom / houseparty call?

Nothing, if your home is like most people's.

But for my customers, it's a different story.

For example.....

This is Fi's living room.

She used to have a few outdated photos on the wall, but nothing that inspired any comments from visitors.

Then she saw my bee painting.

And Fi loves bees.

She also loves that this painting is a one off. An original. No one else has this.

And now the painting is framed and pride of place on her wall.

She sets her laptop up so people can see it when she has a houseparty call.

And she gets so many comments. She told me,

"everyone asks me where I got it".

So, if you would like something that gets noticed...

...and inspires your guests (virtual or otherwise) to talk about it....

then a unique painting of your favourite animal could do that.


Do you want a room that reflects who you are....

... and what you love?

Are you looking for something that is going to capture the attention of your guests...

...and give them all something to admire and want themselves?

Do you want more than just an ikea inspired stock photo on your wall...


....that we've all seen 100 times before?

Enough of the questions, I think you see where I'm going with this.

The owners of these dog portraits have unique art work adorned on their wall for everyone to see and admire.

No one else will have this same piece of art.

And best of all, your dog / cat / children / family / loved ones can be immortalised in a beautiful way...

.. in a way that a photograph just can't do.

Lucia Lovatt

Find me on Faceboook.com/lucialovatt or email me lucia.lovatt@gmail.com

All images are copyright to Paintings by Lucia. I retain the copyright for all images, including customer commissions