You can immortalise your pets in a unique portrait and remember that sweet face for many years, or have Any Animal painted just for you - a unique original piece of art that is personal. This is my only job, a full time career I am dedicated to, so you trust me to put all my attention and love into a painting for you.

Horse Paintings by Lucia.jpeg
Saluki Paintings by Lucia.jpeg
flamingo Lucia Lovatt.jpeg

For original art workbeautiful prints of paintings, greeting cards, home decor & kitchen ware.

It's that time again where we all want to send some beautiful cards to our loved ones at this wonderful time of year. I new designs to my Christmas card collection every year. Here is the collection.


 Hi, I'm Lucia...

...I'm the artist behind these paintings. I'm based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, but my paintings have gone all over the world.

I paint brightly coloured, vibrant animal studies.


People tell me these paintings make them feel happy, and make them smile. But some trigger other emotions in the viewer, especially when there is a connection to that animal.

I invite you to come on the tour with me and look inside my shop.... here... and see if any of these animals speak to you.