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A portrait of your loved one is a completely unique and individual piece of art work. No one else will have a painting quite like the one you will have. It will be the talking point and envy of all your guests.


Choose from a colourful watercolour or coloured pencil painting, or a grey scale pencil drawing. Each has it's own beauty. 


All I need is a good quality photograph to work from. Digital photos that you can email or message to me is best, but I can also work from printed photos.


I can even work from a few photos if you'd like more than one pet, or person, in the painting. Feel free to send me a few to choose from if you are unsure which would be best.


If you're worried about 'things' in your photo that you'd rather not have included in your painting - spare glasses in your hair, silly logos on t-shirts, etc  - then just tell me. I won't paint it in.


Also, If you have a specific idea for a background of your portrait, then tell me. 


I can send you regualr updates of the progress of your painting, to make sure you are happy at each stage. Or, you can leave it to me to create something I'm sure you'll love.





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  • At every step of the process, I will contact you to ensure you are happy with the portrait.

    You will have the oppotunty to suggest changes if necessary, to either the portrait or to your order.

    If you are unhappy with the work I have carried out, I will refund the whole amount, minus £25 towards costs.

    However, once you have received your painting, I will not offer any refunds.

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