Why you should use social media

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Don’t like social media? Can’t really see the point in posting anything? Sorry, but to be a business in this day and age, you’ll just need to accept all this as a necessary evil. If you don’t know what to say or you’re worried your art isn’t good enough yet, rest assured someone WILL like it. Or you may get constructive criticism. The worse that could happen is that no one sees it or they ignore it. I haven’t had any negative comments on my work, but I think if someone feels strongly enough to have an actual opinion, good or bad, then I have affected them in some way. Which is one of my goals as an artist.

Social media and being a part of it though is so important. That’s what all the ‘experts’ are saying. For any business. Including the business of art. And if you want to do art as your full time job, and be an artist, you need to treat your art as a business and get completely stuck in to social media.

Basically, the reason why being a part of the on line world is so important, is because the internet is the world we live in, and the world our future will be in.

Now I am by no means an expert in this field, but I have been listening to a lot of business and marketing experts. What they are saying is, that in 5-10 years time, our smart phones will be replaced by Alexa or equivalent. If we are not already integrated into the internet world, we are going to be completely left behind.

Now, imagine, Mrs Redecorating, 5-10 years in the future. She’s looking at her blank walls, and thinking she should really put some paintings up there. So she says, Alexa, or Google, or whatever... , I need art to hang on my walls. She gets a reply like, ‘there is an artist called Lucia Lovatt who specialises in animal paintings (Alexa has learned this is Mrs’ preference for such things) who is selling her work at an event local to you this weekend, would you like me to put this event in your diary?’.

I’m doing the groundwork for a future like this. As I said, I’m not an expert and obviously no one can see the future. But getting established on social media hasn't hurt any business yet.

But we need to do social media right! And if it’s done right, we can connect and share with other artists, other business owners, other like minded souls who can give advice or new ideas.

Social media is a great way to immerse yourself in the community - community likes artists - without actually having to leave your sofa. Show off your work to your town or county by hash tagging or shar

ing (not selling) and let them know who you are and what you’re doing.

I‘m using Instagram and Facebook, and have just signed up to LinkedIn. My research suggests these are best 3. They’re all a headache to learn and I have no idea about LinkedIn - another thing I have to learn!

I did want to give a 2 sided argument to using social media. But I can’t actually think of anything bad to say about it, from a business point of view. Personally, it is too easy to lose yourself scrolling through endless posts, but nothing a bit of prioritising and self discipline won’t fix.

I hope I’ve answered a few questions you might have had about whether using social media is worth the effort. Because I think, yes it is. I’m going to write a post about how I use each of the ones I’m using. So have a look at those......

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