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Which animal are you?

Answer the questions, find your results below,

then buy a £5 art print to properly personalise your space

The Questions

1. Which of these activities sounds most relaxing to you?

   - A) Sitting by a tranquil pond

   - B) Zooming around a garden

   - C) Buzzing from flower to flower

   - D) Soaring through the air


2. What is your favorite season?

   - A) Spring

   - B) Summer

   - C) Autumn

   - D) Winter


3. Pick a colour that resonates with you the most:

   - A) Blue

   - B) Green

   - C) Yellow

   - D) Purple


4. How do you approach challenges in your life?

   - A) Patiently wait for the right moment

   - B) Face them head-on with enthusiasm

   - C) Collaborate and work as a team

   - D) Adapt and change strategy quickly


5. What's your ideal holiday like?

   - A) Relaxing by the beach

   - B) Exploring a bustling city

   - C) Camping in the wilderness

   - D) Visiting historical landmarks


6. Which of these best describes your personality in a group setting?

   - A) I enjoy observing and listening

   - B) I'm usually the one leading the group

   - C) I like to collaborate with others

   - D) I'm always coming up with new ideas



The Results

- Mostly A's: 

You're a Kingfisher!

Just like this bird, you are patient, observant, and known for your calm demeanor. You find peace in quiet moments and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Others see you as a symbol of tranquility and stability, someone they can rely on for thoughtful insights and steady guidance.

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- Mostly B's: 

You're a Dragonfly!

Much like this agile insect, you are energetic, adventurous, and always on the move. You thrive in dynamic environments and are known for your ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Your enthusiasm and zest for life inspire others, and you're often the one leading the charge when it comes to exploring new ideas and experiences.

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- Mostly C's: 

You're a Bee! 

Like this hardworking pollinator, you are social, industrious, and bring brightness wherever you go. You thrive in collaborative settings and are known for your strong work ethic. Your positivity and ability to work well with others make you a valued team member, and you're always buzzing with new ideas and initiatives.

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- Mostly D's: 

You're a Butterfly!

Similar to this beautiful creature, you are free-spirited, creative, and love to explore new ideas and experiences. You have a natural grace and elegance that draws others to you, and your adaptability allows you to effortlessly navigate through life's changes. Your creativity and love for beauty make you someone who always seeks to inspire and uplift those around you.

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  • £5 for an A5 art print
  • Or you can upgrade to an A4 (£12) or A3 (£25) - I'll hand sign it if you choose A4 or A3
  • And get digital downloads of these images to use as screensavers
  • And access to a "secret shop" for lifetime low cost art prints
Each of these animals brings their own unique strengths and qualities to the world.

Now embrace your inner animal and show the world who you are with these
£5 art prints
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About this Offer

These are high quality reproductions of original watercolour paintings, by me, Lucia Lovatt. Yes! I hand paint each one, and then print myself on an amazing printer in my art studio.


A5 size prints are only £5 each, or you can upgrade to a bigger size.


Please choose which designs you would like, and quantity, and add to cart.


After checkout, you will be sent a link to digital copies of these images, for use as screen savers; and you will also be sent a link to a "secret shop" where you can purchase many more reduced price prints.

About the Artist

Hi, I'm Lucia Lovatt, a professional animal artist from Wiltshire, UK.

I paint happy animals that make me smile, and I want to share this joyful feeling with you.


I've been painting professionally since 2019 and I regularly offer print promotions such as this to advertise my high quality art. 


My ambition is get my art into people's homes and make everyone smile, by offering affordable art and a professional and friendly service. 

See video below for my painting of the kingfisher in this offer


What customers say


Here's me painting the kingfisher!

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